15.000 € added pro purse

We are excited to break Swedish record when it comes to the highest added pro purse yet, by a large margin! Pros will enjoy this huge added pro purse together with tournament amenities such as free snacks, fruits and beverages. Dedicated warm-up area and players area where you can relax after your round.

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Caddy book
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- We will be playing 3 rounds, 1 rounds per day with tee times (make sure you've selected your tee-off song on Discgolfscene!).
- The championship layout will be ready 1 week before the event starts, but practice is only available 2 days before the event starts.


With a full field we are expecting at least 30.000 € in total pro purse. We want to offer as fair distribution of the added pro purse (APP) as possible. One part of the APP will be fixed and split between the divisions and one part will be based on the number of participants for the divisions.

  • All players receiving cash is recommended to be able to send an invoice for the prize money. This is so the prize money doesn’t have to be taxed by the state. Otherwise the following applies if this is not possible:
  • Swedish players may accept up to 2415 € per player without us having to pay social fees and taxes. We are going to send in a declaration form (KU10) to Skatteverket for your prize money. Any sum above this threshold is likely to be taxed for around 50%.
  • International players will need to pay a 15% A-SINK (artist) tax.